UMF Poland officially cancelled due to ‘unforeseen and ill-fated developments’UMF LOGO 1024

UMF Poland officially cancelled due to ‘unforeseen and ill-fated developments’

We know it’s a super busy festival season and all, but this is not the kind of way we envisioned things settling down: Ultra Music Festival Poland (the first European UMF yet) has officially been cancelled. Local promoter SRO Festivals is being blamed for “unforeseen and ill-fated developments” that render them “unable to meet and perform certain vital contractual obligations essential to successfully producing the UMF Poland event.” The event was slated to take place in just over a week on July 13th and 14th, so this is a last minute plug-pulling of the worst kind. Dancing Astronaut heard independently earlier this week that the show was removed from the tour schedules of headlining artists like Steve Angello and Avicii, but we were unable to confirm the cancellation until now.

While it’s terrible that the event has been cancelled, the problems are far from over, as UMF is pointing purchasers back to SRO (who handled the sales for the event) for refunds. They suggest people “immediately seek a refund from your original point of purchase or dispute the transaction directly with your credit card company.” Thankfully, they do have a separate support form set up, but there’s no word on how long it will take to hear back.

Luckily, UMF insists “we are confident that with your continued support, we will be able to build a solid foundation for the successful relaunch of a European UMF in 2013 with a MASSIVE lineup and historic concept.”

Alrighty then. As long everyone gets their money back in the meantime…

Via: Facebook (UMF Poland)

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