Afrojack debuts new music, talks ‘Pressing Play,’ Paris Hilton, and Madonna’s Molly comment on UstreamEDC NY Afrojack Main Stage 4

Afrojack debuts new music, talks ‘Pressing Play,’ Paris Hilton, and Madonna’s Molly comment on Ustream

Afrojack is currently engaged in a lengthly Ustream session with his fans, where he is premiering new music, talking about tracks he’s been playing out, and also taking questions. In the livestream, Nick is talking about everything from Deadmau5’s “Press Play” article to Paris Hilton to whether or not he ever feels lonely on tour.

In his usual diplomatic style, Nick kept things classy, but did take the opportunity to take some jabs, assert some opinions, and of course, act downright giddy about some of his upcoming productions and things he’s working on.

Afrojack took on the deadmau5 question head on, starting with a discussion of his own DJ history, before quickly getting into how a DJ set is not merely about what the DJ’s favorite tracks are, but what will work best with the crowd. He said that “I like Deadmau5’s music, but I don’t always agree with his opinions.” To Nick, when you’re paying upwards of $50 for a ticket, “the next day, they should wake up and go ‘Oh my god that was so fucking awesome.'”

“I like Deadmau5’s music, but I don’t always agree with his opinions.”

On air, Afrojack took the opportunity to shout out some of the DJs he really respects, including Steve Angello, Sebastian Ingrosso, Tiesto, and David Guetta, adding that “they’ve been doing it for so many years and it’s like ‘wow… respect.'” He also mentioned loving Avicii, DJ photographer to the stars Rukes, and Steve Aoki, before proclaiming that “there should be a new fucking Afroki track.” Another DJ who got love was Zedd, who Nick said had “good guidance” under the wings of Interscope’s Jimmy Iovine and Dave Rene.

One DJ he was less enthusiastic about was Diplo, who he no longer works with. “We have some different plans,” he noted, before adding that he “would like to work with him again.”

Afrojack even took on the Madonna Molly topic, saying that he doesn’t do drugs because “music is my drug,” but admitted that “I drink a lot. I drink… A lot.” Unlike some DJs who have been noticeably outspoken against party drugs, Afrojack says that he “doesn’t give a fuck,” but just asks that you “don’t fucking OD.”

 “Music is my drug.”

Paris Hilton of course came up in the discussion, but only in not-so-vague terms. “You know what’s fucked up?… When you know people and they ask for advice, and they don’t listen.” He went on with an extended metaphor about a hypothetical friend asking if he (or she) should crash a hypothetical car — and you can guess how that one turned out. “For me, friends and family are the most important things, and I would never fuck over family.”

Update: Afrojack just revealed that he’s doing a new US tour in October and November, and that he’ll be offering fans a chance to travel aboard his “Afrojet” sometime next year. When asked about the particular jet, Nick was quick to clarify that “”The Afrojet is not a plane, it is an experience.”

Update 2: Afrojack just read our article live on Ustream.

Update 3: New track coming from Afrojack, David Guetta, Will.I.Am, and Ne-Yo.

Update 4: “I’m gonna do a really big party on New Year’s Eve,” said Afrojack towards the end of the stream. “New York, Miami, LA are my favorite cities,” he did say, before talking about his Roseland Ballroom show a few years back — and changing the topic to his car collection…

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