Afrojack’s ‘Annie’s Theme’ gets previewed on BBC Radio 1Afrojack @ Pacha 5 26 100

Afrojack’s ‘Annie’s Theme’ gets previewed on BBC Radio 1

Any given Afrojack liveset is sure to include a number of unreleased, untitled, (and probably) unfinished tracks, and Nick Van De Wall likes keeping us in the dark on new releases until he is good and ready. Last time we went through this cycle, we ended up with “Rock The House,” a huge banger that was first debuted at Ultra, and then teased again and again until its eventual release in mid July.

Well, Afrojack has revealed another ID track, this time with the temporary name “Annie’s Theme” — fitting for Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 show where the track was most recently showcased. The song, which has followed a similar debut pattern as “Rock The House,” is a standard Afrojack affair, complete with bleeps, bloops, and lots of whizzing and scratching. Nick says that “it’s a piece of music… it doesn’t need a name,” but we’re sure it’ll get something fitting when it is eventually released. Listen to the preview below, and let us know what you think in the comments.

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