Alex Gaudino – Don’t Wanna Dance (Tom Swoon Remix)Tom Swoon

Alex Gaudino – Don’t Wanna Dance (Tom Swoon Remix)

Tom Swoon, formerly known as Pixel Cheese, has created an uplifting progressive remix of Alex Gaudino’s “Don’t Wanna Dance.” The original mix was very commercial, but the remix gives it that much needed pop that leans towards a new age, club-friendly sound. The chopped up vocals act to accentuate the hook while high-pitched synths kick and drive the energy of track. Ultra Records made a great choice in signing Tom Swoon, and they have added an array of talented artists that will be up-and-coming in the near future. We guarantee that Ultra Records will be unloading quite a few big releases before UMF in March.

Via: SoundCloud (Tom Swoon)

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