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Andrew Bayer – Floating Continent (Demo)

After reaching 10K followers on twitter Andrew Bayer released a clip of the track he’s currently working on, “Floating Continent.” True to form, the track’s build is euphoric and employs elements that play on listener’s emotions. That’s all we can gleam from the too short snippet but it leave us yearning for more. Bayer states that he doesn’t usually preview works in progress and gives us fair warning that it’s “probably going to change.” We’re not too worried, however, as the end result will likely be as good if not better. If you’re feeling “Floating Continent” we suggest you check out his remix of Ane Brun’s “Undertow.”

We suspect this might be one of the tracks he’s working on for Electric Zoo, so head over to Hilltop Arena on Friday August 31st if you’re hoping to hear the rest — there’s a good chance he’ll drop this in full.

Via: SoundCloud (Andrew Bayer)

Release Date: Unknown

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