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Close out Electric Zoo with two electronic music gods: Marco Carola and Boys Noize

For many, the third and final day of Electric Zoo could be the most conflicting day of the weekend. Tiesto and Skrillex will unquestionably have the broadest reach. Excision and Zed’s Dead will have their bass-head faithfuls behind them. Diplo and Bloody Beetroots need no certificate – they’re pioneers of sorts and offer their own kind of fun live experience. Then we have Boys Noize – a German electro-infused techno wizard with Italian techno god Marco Carola following suit. The atmosphere created by the union of these two artists could make for an experience superior to the other headlining acts. For those three hours, a larger-than-life musical journey will commence — and if you’re there to experience it, you’ll be treated to some of the finest dance music around.

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The Game Plan

Your game plan going into these last three hours should go as follows: gather a group of friends comprised of veteran dance music listeners and a few newcomers that have no idea what they’re getting themselves into. Pick a spot on the dance floor — preferably in the center middle, where the acoustics are best — take out your cell phones and text your silly friends who are at Tiesto and Skrillex listening to the same sets they’ve heard a hundred times over. Let them know they’re about to miss the experience of a lifetime. Take your last swig of water. Turn your cell phones off… and get prepared for the clock to strike 8:00 P.M.

Boys Noize

If you closed out Electric Zoo in Hilltop Arena last year, you were treated to one of the best sets of the weekend by Alex Ridha — better known under his DJ moniker Boys Noize. This year, he migrates across the fresh meadows of Randall’s Island to the Sunday School Grove, where we expect to see a slightly different perspective from him — one that will feature his pummeling techier side. He has a no-rules approach to DJing and music production. It’s almost impossible to pigeonhole him to a specific genre, and maybe that’s why he was voted best “electronic artist” on Beatport for three years in a row. If you ask someone who’s been around the music game for a while, they’ll tell you Boys Noize is truly one of the world’s best DJs. With a new album on the way, we’re expecting him to use Sunday School as a blank canvas to try some new things out. In the meantime, check out what kind of sounds you might expect from his set and enjoy his BBC Radio 1 guest mix for “Diplo and Friends.”

Boys Noize – Adonis (Original Mix)

Boys Noize & Erol Alkan – Avalanche (Original Mix)

Close out Electric Zoo with two electronic music gods: Marco Carola and Boys NoizeMarco

Marco Carola

In constructing the schedule for Electric Zoo — a feat that we imagine to be excruciatingly difficult — we’re convinced that Made Event saved the best for last when they placed Marco Carola as the closing act for the Sunday School Grove. With the Ibiza season coming to an end — a place that Marco plays quite often — we expect a summer’s worth of techno bombs to be condensed into an hour and a half set. His resume is so thorough and vast that listing his accolades could keep us here all day. “In a twenty year career, he’s built the techno scene up from scratch in Italy,” says Pete Tong in his famed Essential Mix. A champion and favorer of marathon sets, Carola will use his slotted time to take New York on a musical journey. His DJ sets are comprised of meticulous timing and beat matching, and uses track selection to paint a picture of sorts. Words don’t do him justice — it’s the kind of thing you have to experience live. Come join us in the secluded land of Sunday School Grove where Carola will prove what techno music is all about.

Marco Carola – Play It Loud (Original Mix)

Marco Carola – Freak On (Original Mix)

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