DA’s Best of the Rest: Monday August 20th, 2012Best Of The Rest22

DA’s Best of the Rest: Monday August 20th, 2012

If Mondays don’t make you tired, then you probably haven’t been reading DA. There was such an absurd amount of new music, previews, and news that we had a hard time keeping you up to date. If you are feeling a little overwhelmed, we took the liberty of grouping the most important news and everything we missed into a single post. Jump past the break for DA’s Best of the Rest.


1. Made Event announces Electric Zoo set times and releases their 2012 festival app.

2. Prepare for Labor Day weekend with our Ultimate Guide…to Labor Day Weekend.


1. Feed Me takes us behind the scenes of the inspiration and construction of his giant teeth stage.

2. Dyro gives Dada Life’s newest single, “Feed the Dada” his own twist.

3. Walden & Grant Smillie team up with Zoë Badwi for their newest track, “A Million Lights,” also featuring remixes by Feenixpawl, DCUP and Alex van Alff.

4. SikDuo is giving away a free download of their first single, “Big” to Facebook fans. If you haven’t already liked their page, head over now to redeem your copy of the track.

5. Passion Pit drummer, Shuttle, has released a teaser for his upcoming track, “Halo.”

6. DSK CHK tires his hand at a little “Internet Friends” humor.