DA’s Best of the Rest: Thursday August 2, 2012Best Of The Rest2

DA’s Best of the Rest: Thursday August 2, 2012

Thursday is over so it’s basically Friday, which means it’s almost kinda sorta the weekend… Yay! Keep reading for the Best of the Rest.


1. Forbes has listed the highest paid DJs in the world, and Tiesto steals the top spot with $22 million. Even crazier? DJ Pauly D ranks above Afrojack and Avicii.

2. UMF Korea will be streaming live in about 8 hours. Hopefully you’ll be asleep, but our friends in Europe will be able to occupy themselves for most of the workday with sets from Seoul.

3. The video for Axwell’s remix of “In My Mind” is out… Don’t really get it, but the song still rocks.


1. Le Castle Vania is giving away a track called “Play Loud.” Preview it for yourselves below, and pay with a Tweet if you’re intrigued.

2. Dayglow has been acquired by Robert F.X. Sillerman, the dude responsible for building the event-throwing juggernaut that has now become LiveNation.

3. The debut single from LA LA LAND, “Not All About The Money” is out now on Armada. If it’s endorsed by Armin, it’s gotta be good, right?

4. Infected Mushroom has unveiled their new live stage show called “The Unveiling.” If you thought Avicii’s head thing was cool, just watch the video below.

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