Don Diablo releases ‘The Golden Years’ music video; thanking his fans for their support

With the highly anticipated Lights Out EP on the way, Don Diablo has released the music video for “The Golden Years” – a high-energy electronica thrasher with an incredibly anthemic vocal cut.  With a hint of french touch, guitar riffs and wonky bass lines aplenty, “The Golden Years” and its accompanying video are Don’s way of saying thank you to all of his fans. Here’s what Don had to say about the video:

“A year in the making, blood, sweat and tears… but here it is, the video for “The Golden Years” shot in 10 different countries, on 3 different cameras, featuring cameos by my mom and dad, my best friends, my girl, Martin Solveig, Dragonette, Diplo, Noisia, the family dog…and most of all you guys! Thank you all so much for the GOLDEN YEARS (to come)!”

Be sure to grab the Lights Out EP on August 26th when it is released via Columbia records.


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