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Electric Zoo Artist Spotlight: Brodinski and Gesaffelstein

I know Brodinski and Gesaffelstein¬†are two separate acts, but it is hard to talk about one without the other. Every release from these two in the last year has been intricately developed and wildly unique. Whether it be together or under their own names, Brodinski and Gesaffelstein have been masterfully creating gritty techno tracks in a scene dominated by progressive beats, flighty synths and radio-friendly vocals… with no signs of slowing down or selling out.

Brodinski began his production career (with the guidance of close friend Yuksek) back in 2007 when the music blog world was still in its infancy. His first track, “Bad Runner” was a furious techno production with a heavy kick and rumbling bass line that quickly found support from A-Trak and fellow Parisian dance music-auteur, Busy P. Since then he has been producing a variety of tracks at a break-neck pace including releasing a critically-acclaimed mix for Fabriclive. At times, Brodinski’s sound is hard to define — from his hip hop, codeine infused re-rubs to his ominous and howling collaborations with Louisahhh!, the scope of his sound seems boundless. Yet somehow, despite whomever he is working with, one aspect is always present – an underlying and undeniably ghostly groove.

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In early 2011, fellow Parisian Mike Levy, better known as techno-wunderkind, Gesaffelstein, linked up with Brodinski to release the 2 track Bromance #1 EP and the rest is history. Since then, these two have been practically inseparable – working and performing together all over the world. Their mutually dark vibes and experimental approach towards production has led these two to carve out a very strong niche for themselves.

Gesaffelstein’s premiere track, “Control Movement” achieved over-night success after it was released alongside Brodinski’s “Let the Beat Control Your Body” on the Bromance #1 EP. The first release on Bromance Records, Bromance #1 marked a turning point for both their careers — firmly placing them both on the dance music map.

On his most recent release, The Rise of Depravity EP, Gesaffelstein further develops his sound –¬† our choice track off the EP is definitely “Depravity” a percussion-laden techno offering with an ominous bass line, a deep kick and some interesting percussive flairs.

Perhaps Brodinski’s most definitive track,¬† “Let the Beat Control Your Body” features the sultry vocal styling of LA-native, Louisahhh! and a simple groove to create that signature Brodinski sound. On “Nobody Rules the Streets” Louisahhh! and Brodinski join forces yet again to create a driving techno anthem with squealing sirens and gut-punching percussion.

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If their independent productions aren’t enough to convince you these two are worth seeing, their Essential mix from earlier this year at Sonar will undoubtedly change your mind – it’s a masterpiece. Expect a similarly incredible experience from these two at Electric Zoo; there is a very good chance they will be in attendance for each other’s sets and we wouldn’t be surprised if they spun a back-to-back.

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