Gregori Klosman makes his Cielo debut August 9, 2012Gregorikolsman

Gregori Klosman makes his Cielo debut August 9, 2012

Gregori Klosman will be making his debut appearance at the legendary New York nightclub, Cielo, next Thursday, August 9. The small and intimate setting has a capacity of only a few hundred people and boasts one of the best sound systems in the city. Since its 10 years in business, Cielo has hosted some of the biggest names in the industry, and is a milestone in any DJs career. The layout is raw and gives a DJ the flexibility to display his finest music abilities — and with the artillery of massive productions that Klosman houses — this evening promises to be an amazing one.

If you’re a Gregori Klosman fan, having the occasion to see him in such a unparelleled venue is an opportunity we don’t recommend passing up. Dance.Here.Now has set ticket prices at an affordable $20 and they can be purchased here. Jump past the break for a live set from Klosman from his Inox Festival set in May. 

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