One Beat presents ‘You Should Know Me By Now: LA RIOTS’

The world of electronic dance music can sometimes be overwhelming. In an endless sea of producers and productions, some true talents often times go overlooked. OneBeat Originals seeks to change that with ‘You Should Know Me By Now’ – a brand new web series that takes a deeper look at some of dance music’s brightest talents.

For the past 5 years LA RIOTS has been deeply ingrained in the electro house community, yet, for most casual dance music fans, his name and remixes may not ring a bell. Editor’s Note: Daniel is now the sole producer behind LA RIOTS – John recently left to create Hot Mouth. Officially named in 2007, LA RIOTS has released remixes for the likes of Steve Aoki, The Ting Tings, Neon Hitch and countless others. In this video, OneBeat takes a deeper look at the start of LA RIOTS, tracing its origin, its name and its remixes while addressing the ever present question – “What does it mean to be a DJ today?”

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