Sydney Blu ft. Christian Falero – Chemistry (Remixes)Chemistry Sydney Blu

Sydney Blu ft. Christian Falero – Chemistry (Remixes)

A full remix pack is out today for Sydney Blu and Christian Falero’s “Chemistry” on Black Hole recordings. Jidax, Paul Thomas, and Chris Moody take on the remixing duties for the track, each bringing their own style to the table. Jidax’s take starts off slow, but finally hits its stride at about 2:30, but continues with the same melody for nearly the duration of the song before echoing the extended intro sequence at the end. The production is a valiant effort, but just doesn’t feel particularly special. Their ‘afterhours mix’ changes things up a bit, adding a good bit of drama and picking up for the weaker original remix with darker, heavier undertones. Listen to the rest of the remixes below.

Paul Thomas’ remix brings a trance-style vibe with gentle background elements that put the vocal front and center until a big-room drop comes in towards the end.

Chris Moody’s remix brings the heat from the beginning, employing a hard bassline that gives way to a melodic electro progression.

The remixes are all unique in their own right, but none fully deliver in turning the song into a dancefloor filler.

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