Usher – Scream (Ken Loi Remix) (Free Download)Ken Loi Marquee LV

Usher – Scream (Ken Loi Remix) (Free Download)

We never expected Usher tracks to become the norm in the dance remix world, but alas this is the case. His most recent tracks — “Climax,” “Numb,” and “Euphoria” — were all produced by dance artists and subsequently remixed in the same fashion. Now Ken Loi is throwing his hat in the proverbial Usher ring with a remix of his radio hit “Scream.” Loi takes the track from a saccharine sweet pop track to one fit for the dance floor by inserting a bass heavy, synth laden drop and various other dance elements. He’s also giving the track away for free as part of a series he’s dubbed “Free Music Friday,” so gear up for some more free tracks.

Free Download

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