10 places Swedish House Mafia will be playing on their One Last Tour

Swedish House Mafia’s team has gone all out for the group’s ‘One Last Tour,’ covering the world — literally — in dots. The strategic placement of the recognizable symbol in major metros has given us a hint at where SHM will be stopping on the massive world tour, including countries like India, Russia, and of course the United States.

We’ve collected ten of our favorites together for you here, piecing together a global tour that will be one of the largest ever undertaken by a dance act. The full list of tour dates will be revealed Monday at 10AM EST, but keep an eye out for even more clues over the weekend.

Update: The full list of locations has finally been revealed!

1. Los Angeles: It all started with this aerial shot Sebastian Ingrosso posted on Instagram, which points to Los Angeles Historic State Park… Might that be where the tour kicks off?

2. Russia: These Russian matryoshka dolls point to a stop in Russia. SHM could play Moscow or Saint Petersburg — or both?

3. Paris/France: Talk about prime location… SHM projected dots onto the Eiffel Tower!

4. New York: SHM made history when they sold out MSG in 9 minutes — might they try to beat their own record and turn the Garden into a nightclub one last time?

5. San Francisco: These dots on a cable car are a dead giveaway.

6. India: SHM posted this image of their dots on the Gateway of India, located in Mumbai. It has been widely rumored that there will be a number of dates in the country.

7. Belgium:  Dot projections were seen on the Prince-Bishops’ Palace in Liege, Belgium.

8. South Africa: These three flowers are proteas — the national flower of South Africa.

9. Canada: Dots were projected onto New City Gas in Montreal, QC. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the venue, but it does hint that SHM will be visiting our neighbors to the north.

10. Dubai: If projections on some of the world’s most recognizable landmarks were not enough, SHM’s team even got three skydivers to fly the dots high over the skies of Dubai. Just watch this video. 

PS: We’ve received some independent intel about the tour, and in the spirit of SHM, have hidden another clue somewhere on Dancing Astronaut that will give away one tour venue. Good luck finding it! x

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