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Wolfgang Gartner previews upcoming ‘Love & War’ EP

Wolfgang Gartner recently announced the release date for his upcoming two track EP as September 17th and fans are rejoicing. Not only do we now know when to expect Love & War, but also what to expect, as Gartner has released previews for both songs featured on the recording. The producer-DJ is calling them the favorite songs he’s ever made, which is a big statement for any artist to make.

Both “Love & War” and “Nuke” employ Gartner’s signature electro sound but unlike other producers with a formula, none of his fans seem tired of it. Right now we’re favoring “Nuke” but are holding off on definitive judgement until the EP is released in full. Do you hear a bit of “Happy Violence” in “Nuke,” or is it just us?

Via: SoundCloud (Wolfgang Gartner)

Release Date: September 17th

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