Bingo Players and NERVO at Encore Beach Club Las Vegas: Tracks You Need to Know

Most people don’t know what kind of utter pandemonium awaits them in Sin City — or at least that much held true as NERVO and the Bingo Players gave even the hardiest partygoers a run for their money at Encore Beach Club at the start of Labor Day Weekend. As artists and as people, Liv and Mim ooze charisma and bring a bubbliness that simply makes parties with them more fun. Similarly, Paul and Maarten of the Bingo Players are bona fide ambassadors of fun, on par with Swedish counterparts Dada Life.


NERVO’s recently-released collaboration with Hook N Sling, “Reason,” is an undoubtedly catchy tune. It’s a perfect-for-summer track that was only just released, but it is already becoming a favorite of mine. If you listened to our recent Axis guest mix by Hook N Sling, you should already be familiar, but otherwise, be sure to listen to it below and get your taste of NERVO here.

Another track that was a highlight of my day at Encore Beach Club was “You’re Gonna Love Again.” Originally thought to have been a collaborative byproduct of both NERVO and Avicii, it turns out that the girls created it all from scratch without any help from the one and only Tim Berg.

In short, you can rarely go wrong by spending a few hours with the NERVO girls — and when you’re in Vegas, it’s on another level.


The Bingo Players are another high-energy duo who brings music to parties that is decidedly fun. Their track “L’Amour” was in countless DJ sets around the time of Miami Music Week, and it’s just one of those electro tunes that meshes well with the progressive fans. It’s like Wolfgang Gartner on steroids.

It seems like Nicky Romero is popping up everywhere these days, and Paul and Maarten dropped one of his lesser-known tracks, “Symphonica.” Nicky has been on a tear pretty much since the release of “Camorra” and has not stopped for anyone.

Honorable mention: Deadmau5 ft. Chris James – The Veldt (Tommy Trash Remix). One of the biggest tunes of the year, played by one of the biggest draws of Vegas. This track has already hit its stride, but it’s still good in low doses.

The one question that gets me every time I listen to the Bingo Players is: What genre are they? Electro? Progressive house? All of the above? At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter what you call the music they make, since they are two awesome DJs and two very fun guys.

Photo credit: Amanda Nowak Photography and Encore Beach Club