Danny Tenaglia gives history lesson, talks about the future in Sensation America DJ profile

“My family had noticed that as a very young child — not even five-years-old — that I was very drawn to speakers and instruments and wherever sound was,” says Danny Tenaglia, in the first of a series of DJ interviews set to be released in the lead up to Sensation America. As the video depicts, starting off his DJ career in the 80s and getting into music production throughout the 90s, Tengalia saw first-hand how dance music culture evolved in the United States. With clubs getting smaller and festivals starting to takeover, Sensation has placed itself at the forefront of providing an unparalleled dance music experience.

Danny will join Mark Knight and Fedde Le Grand on the second of Sensation’s two-night American debut. We can’t think of a better artist to have alongside the rest of the lineup for the momentous occasion.

Check out the remaining Sensation lineup here

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