Deadmau5 takes on Tryst at XS Labor Day Weekend: 5 tracks you need to knowDeadmau5 At Tryst Nightclub

Deadmau5 takes on Tryst at XS Labor Day Weekend: 5 tracks you need to know

Deadmau5 tunes are recognizable from a mile away, but we aren’t going to focus on the “Strobes” and “The Veldt’s” of the world. What Joel brings to the table is his impeccable ear, he crafts his sets just as he crafts his productions – meticulously. During an unplugged set, his song selection is always interesting, running the entire gamut of Deadmau5’s prolific back catalog as well as tunes from every genre. This night was no different. Although some clubgoers may have expected more mainstream fare their confusion was soon muted as Joel took control of the club with his uncanny ability for building suspense – driving the dancefloor with a steady beat instead of big builds and deep drops. Read on for a few of the tunes that defined the night.

Chris Lake & Tommy Trash – Goodbye (Original Mix)

Tommy Trash is easily the most played artist in the game today. Deadmau5 chose to drop “Goodbye” which encompasses a progressive bassline and that signature Tommy Trash drop. This was an unconventional choice, but deadmau5 has a way of making things work.

Deadmau5 takes on Tryst at XS Labor Day Weekend: 5 tracks you need to know+Deadmau5+at+Tryst+Nightclub+2

Deadmau5 – There Might Be Coffee (Original Mix)

If we were to sum up this track in one word it would be “spiritual.” “There Might Be Coffee” has a Prydz like feel with an undeniable groove. The mau5 dropped this amidst the most progressive portion of his set, a fitting choice to keep the crowd bouncing.

Deadmau5 – Some Chords (Original Mix)

Everyone who knows anything about dance music has listened to this tune numerous times. It’s one of those tracks that transcends tastes and genres and is one of Joel’s finest productions. Our question is: why don’t other artists (besides Deadmau5) play this more often? The energy evoked during the “Some Chords” drop is authentic – like fine wine, this track gets better with age.

Cirez D – The Tumble (Original Mix)

With all this cross referencing to Mr. Prydz it only makes sense that Deadmau5 would have played a production created by Eric himself. “The Tumble” was one of the more darker selections of the night, driving the energy in the room with its gloomy beat and heavy kicks. It was nice to see that the crowd was partial to the darker stuff, because the commercialization of dance music has started to wear out its welcome.

Deadmau5 – Limit Break (Original Mix)

A personal Deadmau5 favorite, “Limit Break” is old mau5. It’s minimal and techy while still packing a heavy punch that kicks crowds right in their ass. The Final Fantasy reference doesn’t hurt either.

Photo Credit: Danny Mahoney/Tryst Nightclub


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