Grant Smillie & Walden – A Million Lights (Bauer & Lanford Remix)A Million Lights E1347036193932

Grant Smillie & Walden – A Million Lights (Bauer & Lanford Remix)

After Grant Smilie and Walden’s successful release of “A Million Lights,” Bauer and Lanford have decided to put their enchanted progressive twist on the track. Zoe Badwi’s vocals set a gentle tone in the beginning of the tune to go along withe a buzz of euphoric harmonies. The track then goes in a slightly unoriginal direction — like most Swedish progressive tracks do — a drop consisting of joyous melodies and steady kick drums. Although Bauer and Lanford’s effort is valiant, the original “A Million Lights” seems to win the battle of creativity and freshness.

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