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John Dahlback – Sing That (Original Mix) [Preview]

Is it fair to say that John Dahlback had one of the busiest, most under-the-radar summers of any producer? Check out this list: Embrace Me, Living A Lie, Comet, I Saw This Before, Get Wild, Zeus, a string of other previews, and an album as part of a new side project. If that wasn’t enough, the Swedish mainstay cranked out another original production, “Sing That,” and it may be his best yet. Dahlback’s latest effort features a chopped and screwed vocal sample and a pulsing bassline that builds to a punchy groove – again exemplifying his technical clout and originality as a producer. Give this preview a listen and stay tuned for the September 24th release via Mark Knight’s Toolroom Records.

Via: Soundcloud (Toolroom Records)

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