Sander van Doorn at Electric Zoo 2012: five tracks you need to know

I have never left a Sander van Doorn performance feeling disappointed, and Saturday afternoon at Electric Zoo was certainly no exception. In fact, multiple people I spoke to said it was one of one of the best sets from the festival. Not only are Sander’s shows energetic and exciting, but he always takes the stage with a grin that lets us know how happy he is to be there. His hour-long at Zoo set was full of classics like “Koko” and new hits like “Kangaroo,” but also riddled with unreleased bombs that caused the packed crowd to go wild. The sonic wizard pulled many a musical magic trick out of his hat on Saturday, but these were his five best…

1. Sander van Doorn feat. Mayaeni – Nothing Inside

The first time I heard SvD drop this track was during our Behind the Booth with him at Pacha when the track was still unreleased. I spent days after the show trying to ID the tune, but didn’t get the information I craved until “Nothing Inside” was released four months later. Although it’s pretty well known at this point, it’s so beautiful I had to include it. If you listen closely to the live set you can hear the crowd singing along. I’m proud to admit that one of those voices is mine.

2. Alvaro – Make The Crowd Go

Sander’s regular radio show, Identity, often features new tracks that make it to his livesets, and Alvaro’s upcoming track, “Make The Crowd Go,” is one of them. The powerful tune features dubbed vocals and thumping drums which sent shockwaves through the audience, causing them to literally go crazy. Hearing the track live was undoubtedly one of my favorite moments from the set — I can’t wait until it’s released on September 17th.

3. Koen Groeneveld – Superjet

When Sander dropped “Superjet,” I was excited to see kind of crowd reaction it would elicit — and I wasn’t surprised when it proved to be a dance floor (festival floor?) killer. If you haven’t heard it yet, I suggest you check it out; the dark sound and cowbells are major.

4. Sander van Doorn & Adrian Lux ft. Inpetto – No More Serious Eagles (Jacob van Hage Mashup)

I’m a big fan of Sander’s original track “Eagles,” and he changed up the original mix by dropping Jacob Van Hage’s mashup instead. Van Hage’s take starts with the beat of Inpetto’s “No More Serious Faces” and combines it with the “Eagles” vocals, turning the crowd-pleaser into a tune with a more danceable rhythm. I think I might actually prefer the mashup to the original.

5. Firebeatz & Schella – Dear New York

“Dear New York” was a fitting choice to serve as Sander’s closing track for obvious reasons and was another tune featured in Identity episode 144. The team of three took a vocal sample from “An Open Letter to New York” by the Beastie Boys and effortlessly incorporated it into the hard-hitting single due out September 10th. The grinding electro beat and rattling synths went over particularly well with the rowdy crowd. Tiesto also gave the track play during his Zoo performance to a similar audience reception.

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