Today we remember DJ Mehdi, January 20th 1977 – September 13th 2011Dj Mehdi Passes Away At 34 1

Today we remember DJ Mehdi, January 20th 1977 – September 13th 2011

One year ago today, the dance music community was rocked by the tragic loss of one of its brightest stars and most charismatic personalities. Mehdi Favéris-Essadi, known to most as DJ Mehdi, was an eclectic DJ/Producer with deep roots in house and hip hop culture. A true artist behind the decks, Mehdi’s mixing was unique and unpredictable – testament to both his impeccable ear and his tactical finesse.

A showman and music-auteur, his approach to production was not restricted by genres or mainstream acceptance. Instead, it was fueled by an unquenchable desire to innovate and experiment, leading him to take on numerous side projects, including his collaboration with Riton, Carte Blanche. Below is a compilation of some of our personal favorites (remixed and originals) from the late DJ Mehdi.

So listen, enjoy, and remember that true talent lies within those who have the vision to challenge the status quo.

RIP DJ Mehdi.

DJ Mehdi  – I Am Somebody (feat. Chromeo)(Original Mix)

DJ Mehdi – Signatune (Thomas Bangalter Edit)

DJ Mehdi – Pocket Piano (Brodinski Remix)

Carte Blanche – Gare Du Nord (Original Mix)