Ableton unveils new Live 9 software, Push controller

Live 9 is finally on its way. Following a video leak over the weekend, Ableton yesterday unveiled the next generation of its flagship live performance and production software, used by such dance music heavyweights as Daft Punk, Deadmau5, and Skrillex, as well as its new Push hardware controller. Both are slated for an early 2013 release.

What makes Ableton Live so unique? Unlike more traditional DJ software like Traktor and Serato, which offer a maximum of four virtual turntables, Live provides the ability to play a nearly unlimited number of songs, loops, and samples seamlessly in sync. With Live, producers are no longer limited to “pressing play” on their songs’ original mixes during live performance. By creating individual loops of their songs’ various elements (ex. vocals, drums, bass), artists can combine, remix, and even produce new elements on the fly, allowing for a far greater level of improvisation and customizability than traditional DJing.

Like its predecessors, Live 9 is also a powerful production tool. Imagine being able to sing a melody to a program that could instantly transcribe it into digital notes you could play with a synthesizer. This new audio-to-MIDI feature is one of the most exciting additions that the latest version brings to the table. Ableton’s homegrown Push controller is compact but powerful, offering an intuitive layout for making music with Live.

For more information on Live 9’s other innovations, check out Ableton’s updated website.

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