Afrojack’s ‘Annie’s Theme’ gets official YouTube preview and November 5 release date

One of the many new tracks Afrojack previewed for us in the studio last week, “Annie’s Theme” finally has a proper preview and release date. The track, which balances a hefty amount of bleepiness with melodic chord progressions, is a prime example of ‘Afrojack music’ — a sound that’s distinctly different than what anyone else puts out but remains distinctly Afrojack in its composition. The working titled has apparently stuck after being officially previewed on Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 show, making her one of the only people on the planet to get an Afrojack song named after her (to our knowledge). Here’s to hoping Afrojack does the same when it comes time to release the “Dancing Astronaut song” we’ve been obsessed with since EDC New York. In the meantime, “Annie’s Theme” will be released on Wall November 5th.

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