AKG by Tiesto headphone line launches with three models, folding designs (updated with video)

We first heard about a Tiesto headphone line way back in April, but the line — which was supposed to be out in June — has finally gone live on AKG’s website. There are three models in the AKG by Tiesto product family: the K67, K167, and K267. All models are of the over-ear variety and start at a very reasonable $99, increasing $199 and $299 for the professional and reference models, respectively. Tiesto says that he has “been really closely involved with every element of the headphones,” and that he has “been using [them] when playing around the world for the last 6 months.” He says that they “provide quality I can rely on, whether in a club or a stadium, or in the studio,” and that he is “proud to work alongside AKG to set a new standard for professional headphones.”

The three pairs of cans all sport folding designs and look relatively similar to each other, but the K267 is made of anodized aluminum for increased durability and has dual plugs for either the left or right side linkups. The K67 and K167 are available now, while the K267 should be available by the “end of October.”  We’re working on getting final production models for ourselves, and we’ll be sure to report back with the details on how they sound when we do.

Update: Check out Tiesto talking about the new line in this video.

Technical details:

K267 TIËSTO (high performance) – offers an over-ear, closed-back design, with an oversized low resonance driver, providing a higher SPL, while still maintaining a matched low frequency bass response.  Its user-adjustable bass boost keeps sound neutral or maximizes deeper sub-bass frequencies when prompted. K267’s Dual Plug-In feature allows the user to attach the cable to either side for maximum comfort.  In addition, each set boasts 3D-Axis folding mechanisms for optimum fitting and flat storage.

K167 TIËSTO (professional) – is an over-ear, closed-back design for high comfort and maximum noise rejection.  Suitable for multiple applications, from the stage to the studio, DJs and music enthusiasts will enjoy the stunning design and impressive sound quality, even in loud environments.

K67 TIËSTO (reference)features an on-ear design ideal for the perfect sound on the go. They are designed for a wide range of applications from live sound to studio work. The compact design delivers convincing and powerful sound wherever necessary, even outdoors.

More information: AKG by Tiesto

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