Dada Life previews ‘Bass Don’t Cry’ ahead of Monday’s ‘The Rules of Dada’ release

Another preview has hit the web from Dada Life’s forthcoming The Rules of Dada album, giving us another hint of what’s in store for their first full-length release. “Bass Don’t Cry” is another hard-hitting electro track from the energetic Swedish duo, and while the one-minute preview doesn’t give us much to go off of, it does hint at how the track got its title. Staccato electro elements with hard clap drum undertones characterize the production, along with familiar grinding synths in the Dada Life style. We spoke to Olle and Stefan earlier today, and they told us that they want you to “feel like you’ve just crashed your face into a wall” when listening to their tracks, and if the rest of the song is like the first minute, you’ll probably be well on your way. Check out the preview below, and stay tuned for our full review of the album when it drops on Monday.

SoundCloud – Dada Life

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