Feed Me ditches the teeth, plays an intimate set at Pacha NYCFeed Me 49

Feed Me ditches the teeth, plays an intimate set at Pacha NYC

Last Sunday, the man behind the teeth, Jon Gooch, made his first ever appearance in the hallowed halls of Pacha NYC – joining the nearly endless list of talent that have blown out the speakers at New York’s largest club. Despite the Sunday night tim

e slot and his 1am start time, Pacha’s main dance floor was packed to the brim with die-hard bassheads eager to get their dose of Feed Me’s signature guttural groans and wobbles. The club, as is to be expected on a Sunday night, was decidedly less hectic than Friday or Saturday, allowing for true fans to force their way front and center.

The lack of his snarling LCD teeth only served to increase Jon’s energetic presence behind the decks – he jumped and thrashed haphazardly, swigging drinks and engaging the crowd as they jumped together to mirror his excitement. This was a crowd who had come to Pacha with a unified purpose, a crowd of true fans driven to skirt their lazy Sundays and their Monday morning office hours just to see a rare set from a top tier dubstep producer. After over two hours of a seemingly endless barrage of bone rattling bass, Pacha gave Jon the go ahead to continue playing, re-igniting the packed dance floor as they stomped and flailed until nearly 4am.

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Robyn – Call Your Girlfriend (Feed Me Remix)

Everyone knows Kaskade’s remix of “Call Your Girlfriend,” but the best remix of the often sampled classic is undoubtedly this one. Off tempo drum patterns kick and pump with hard rock electro chord play while a maddening dubstep drop chops Robyn’s vocals to pieces.

Dillon Francis – Masta Blasta (The Rebirth)

When Feed Me dropped Dillon Francis’s “Masta Blasta” the dance floor exploded. Dillon Francis’ re-imagining did well to change the energy in the room, it was in sharp contrast to the driving bass of Feed Me’s originals.

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Feed Me ft. Tasha Baxter – Cloudburn (Original Mix)

One of his first singles, “Cloudburn” is classic Feed Me. Stunning female vocals are paired with the indescribable growls that have come to define the Feed Me sound.

Feed Me – One Click Headshot (Original Mix)

Off his Escape from Electric Mountain EP, “One Click Headshot’s” familiar Counter-Strike sample and groovy off-tempo bassline has just the right amount of wobble to keep bass heads happy and your average listener on the dance floor.

The Qemists – Stompbox (Spor Remix)

Before becoming Feed Me, Jon Gooch produced savage drum and bass under the moniker Spor. His late night decision to drop his ferocious remix of “Stompbox” delighted the hardcore fans in the crowd (which was basically everyone) and was the perfect way to close out an intimate and incredible set.

Listen to Feed Me’s Essential Mix | View the full album from the night here

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