Kaskade hopes to have new album ‘out early next year’Kaskade Roseland Ballroom038

Kaskade hopes to have new album ‘out early next year’

Kaskade’s Freaks of Nature tour was a massive success, and despite walking limping away from the tour with a broken foot, Ryan Raddon shows no signs of slowing down. He’s already taken some time to jot down his thoughts on a new Tumblr page, and now Billboard reports that he’s already working on his next album. “I’m hoping to have it out early next year — by March or April,” he says, hopeful that he’ll be able to get it done before 2012 is up. Billboard says that it will have “some noteworthy collaborations” but doesn’t give any hints as to which artists will be brought in.

We were big fans of Kaskade’s latest album, Fire & Ice, and it looks like folks who preferred the ‘ice’ will also be getting some new material soon. A side project called Late Night Alumni that makes “ambient electronic stuff” will also be releasing an album “in the next couple of months or so.” Kaskade seems to be on a mission — and we don’t plan to stop him.

Via: Billboard

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