Lady Gaga gets behind musical crush Zedd, remixes ‘Stache’ with vocal contribution

Lady Gaga has publicly expressed her admiration for Interscope label-mate Zedd — or her “major musical boner,” as she described it herself. She’s even referred to “Spectrum” as “pure EDM fantasy,” and along with asking Anton to remix tracks like “Born This Way” and “Marry The Night,” Gaga brought him on tour with her this past April.

The next chapter of this unique partnership has hit the web in the form of a preview of Lady Gaga’s vocal contribution to “Stache,” one of the premier tracks on Zedd’s ClarityThe addition of Gaga’s vocal turns the dance production into a song of its own, but does not jeopardize its electro appeal. We’ve asked around and found out that she simply really liked the song, and wanted to put her own spin on it. As of now there’s no word on whether it’ll be released officially, but something tells us that with these two big names involved, this one will be out on iTunes sooner rather than later.

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