Nero releases ‘Won’t You (Be There)’ EP, including new Nero originalNero Wont You Be There

Nero releases ‘Won’t You (Be There)’ EP, including new Nero original

Last month Nero treated fans to a free giveaway of their colossal original “Won’t You (Be There).” One month later, Nero has put out the Won’t You (Be There) EP, including remixes from Baauer and Club Cheval, as well as a new Nero original. The lack of a traditional dubstep remix on the EP is a bit surprising, as both the Bauuer and Club Cheval renditions constitue trap remixes. Perhaps even more surprising, however, is the addition of the new Nero original, “Etude,” a snarling electro house track. If this EP is any kind of omen for the future, Nero’s next album will be much heavier than their last. Click past the break to listen to the EP in its entirety.

Nero – Won’t You (Be There)

The headlining track of the EP is as prodigious as ever. The vocals and drop have not lost their frighteningly awesome charm.

Nero – Etude (Original Mix)

“Etude” parallels the epic intensity of “Wont You (Be There.)” A slow cinematic build up leads to a quickly-flickering futuristic melody, before a monstrous electro house drop takes over.

Nero – Won’t You (Be There) (Baauer Remix)

Baauer has gained something of a cult following in the ongoing trap revolution. Attracting the attention of MTA records, Baauer has given “Won’t You (Be There)” his signature minimalist trap spin.

Nero – Won’t You (Be There) (Club Cheval Remix)

Club Cheval approach “Won’t You (Be There)” from a different angle, incorporating acid house and electro elements in a heavier trap remix.

On the whole, my feelings are a bit ambivalent towards this release. While the addition of “Etude” is a pleasant surprise, the EP’s lack of an accompanying dubstep remix to “Won’t You (Be There)” is quite disappointing. While the Baauer and Club Cheval remixes will satisfy those caught up in the current trap wave, those less partial to the burgeoning genre may be turned off by the official remixes.

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