Sensation shows the magic behind ‘The Source of Light’ (video)Sensation The Source Of Light

Sensation shows the magic behind ‘The Source of Light’ (video)

If you have ever been to a Sensation somewhere around the globe, you know that the production level is greater than any other concert on Earth. The newest addition to the Sensation family is ‘The Source of Light,’ a new show that premiered in Amsterdam this year, and is centered around, well, a giant sphere of light. As the DJ spins from inside the sphere, pyrotechnics, theatrics, dancers, and lights work to recreate the original feeling and vibes of electronic clubs. Producers want “a whole night with one feeling… where all is one, we are all connected,” and the video stresses that  “unity is the main message of this event.” While this is Sensation’s newest production, it’s important to note that it will not be the one coming to the Barclays Center for Sensation America — that’s Innerspace, which we attended in Barcelona last year.

Photo: Facebook (Sensation)

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