Afrojack lands four productions on Pitbull’s new albumEDC NY Afrojack Jacked 4

Afrojack lands four productions on Pitbull’s new album

It has been a growing trend that some of our favorite dance tracks become abducted by pop superstars to be re-crafted for the radio. Flo Rida has been one of the most notable acts to do so, having stole both “Levels” and “In My Mind.” Another major accomplice has been Pitbull, who’s most recently claimed TJR’s “Funky Vodka” for his latest single “Don’t Stop The Party.” The airwave dominating latin hip-hop vocalist has once again teamed up with Afrojack, following “Give Me Everything” with four records for his brand new studio album Global Warming. 

Afrojack’s productions are laced with Pitbull’s verses, and hooks from Usher on “Party Ain’t Over,” The Wanted on “Have Some Fun,” and Havana Brown on “Last Night.” The fourth and final track is nothing new, but Pitbull’s remode of “Pacha on Acid.” Some may be glad to hear the latest from Afrojack’s studio, others may not be so happy to hear their beloved music saturated by the commercial scene. Listen to the collaborations from Global Warming and head to the comments section to let us know if Pitbull is doing well by spreading the sound, or if he is just setting back dance music.

Pitbull – Party Ain’t Over (feat. Usher) (Produced by Afrojack)

Pitbull – Have Some Fun (feat. The Wanted) (Produced by Afrojack)

Pitbull – Last Night (feat. Havana Brown) (Produced by Afrojack)

Pitbull – I’m Off That (Produced by Afrojack)