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Arno Cost discusses ‘Lifetime,’ dabbles in electro

French house producer Arno Cost takes a stylistic sojourn into electro house on “Lifetime,” an upcoming single slated for release on Spinnin Records this Monday. Cost trades in his progressive chords and melodic leads for riser synth stabs and electro bass growls on a track sculpted for big room builds. Cost took to Facebook this week to assure fans that “Lifetime” was “kinda a one shot” and did not represent a lasting stylistic change.

We caught up with Arno to set the record straight and discuss his upcoming release. Check out the interview and track preview after the break.

“Lifetime” is a significant departure from your progressive house sound. What prompted the stylistic change up?

I always like to work with fresh ideas and new approaches. It’s what keeps music interesting and “Lifetime” was the result of just one of the new methods I was trying out. I’m really pleased with it too. It has been a really fun process to challenge myself and take a route that I’ve never been down before. It has been exciting watching the track grow and evolve into the final version that I have ended up with. But on the other hand, it doesn’t necessarily mean I won’t do progressive house anymore. This is where I come from, I think this style can still evolve and I definitely want to be a part of it!

What has the feedback been from your fan base?

There’s been a great reaction to the track so far. I have had plenty of messages from all the world with people telling me that they really like the track and are looking forward to hearing it out in the clubs. Whenever I have played it out, it has always had a big, big reaction on the dance floor. But you know, there are also some fans who were expecting something more “usual” from me, with big melodies and dreamy breakdowns. You can’t satisfy everybody. I just do what I like, I think that’s the key!

In that message, you also expressed your desire to keep trying different styles and avoid being pigeonholed in one genre. Is there a style you’ve been wanting to explore for awhile that you haven’t yet? What kind of sound can we expect from your next release, which you hinted would be on a famous Swedish label?

Well I have a very broad taste in music. There are so many styles and genres that I am interested and I would find it fascinating to work on productions in many of those too. I can’t really say which of these will ever materialise but that experimentation in the studio is all part of it. I don’t know what will work and what will bomb, but I’m sure I’ll have fun playing around with all the different ideas. Being pigeonholed is definitely something that doesn’t appeal to me, I think it is important to be versatile and open minded towards all different types of music. The next release from me is a bit more my usual style, with a beautiful breakdown and phat drops! The crowd goes crazy every time I play it, so it’s a pretty good sign!

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