Calvin Harris calls out BBC Newsbeat for libelous broadcast, rejects notion of button pressing

BBC Newsbeat is the latest source to investigate the ongoing DJ button pressing debate, referring to Swedish House Mafia and Calvin Harris as sources in their latest report. Newsbeat has stated “Calvin Harris says he doesn’t have a problem with prerecorded sets,” and continued to disperse quotes in support. However, the superstar DJ has vehemently said otherwise, rejecting the broadcast for its libelous accusations.

Moments following the report’s publication, Harris instantly took to Twitter, expressing his outrage and claiming BBC Newsbeat prerecorded his answers to a different set of questions. In the span of 20 minutes, he continued to call out the reporter of the interview and challenged him to release the full audio. Clearing the air and rejecting the notion of pre-recorded sets, Calvin left fans with the truth and one final tweet stating that he is looking into legal action.

Read the original report here and find Calvin’s reaction below the break.




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