Culprit One creates powerful minimix to honor DJ Shadow’s careerDj Shadow E1354198917316

Culprit One creates powerful minimix to honor DJ Shadow’s career

Considered the “DJ Shadow of Wales,” Culprit One has put together an expansive minimix chronicling the career path of one of dance music’s defining contributors. DJ Shadow’s contribution to the world of experimental hip hop and electronic music has paved the way for acts like Pretty Lights, Griz and more, all of whom mirror his heavily sample-based approach to music production. Working to meld rare pieces of music and sound bytes together into completely new productions, DJ Shadow spawned an entirely new genre within electronic music, pioneering what is now considered the “trip hop” sound. Cuplrit One’s mix is an effortlessly blended tribute that defines the unique DJ Shadow sound.

DJ Shadow’s Reconstructed box set was recently released to coincide with his December touring schedule. Purchase it here.

Listen to the minimix after the break and see if you can identify the original Shadow tracks. List them out in the comment section below.

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