Did Dash Berlin turn down massive offer to play ASOT 600?

The worldwide campaign for Armin van Buuren’s annual A State of Trance celebration goes on, but the participating cities and DJs remain in question. This afternoon, rather than the positive confirmation we’ve been waiting for, Dash Berlin took to his Twitter account to rule out any chance of playing ASOT 600. Armin then responded in confusion, and in search for answers, posted to his own Twitter that he had learned from his agent that they have never offered another DJ as much money as was offered to Dash. Armin continued to ask Dash ‘why he plays like this.’

Between the mediocre use of English and the brevity of the tweets, we can’t be too sure of exact details, but it appears that Dash Berlin has turned down the largest paycheck ever offered by A State of Trance. Jump below the break for the Armin-Dash Twitter dialogue.


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