Deadmau5 reunites with Nokia for another live experience

Nokia has enlisted dance music legend Deadmau5 once again to help promote their cell phone brand. Last year, the two teamed up to bring London a 4D experience to remember, and from the looks of the teaser video, this year will be no different. November 28, 2011 marked the launch of Nokia’s Lumia 800 and the company used London’s Millbank building to project a light show unlike anything ever seen. The 800 windows of the building lit up up London’s sky with a rainbow of neon lazers –all bouncing to the beat of Deadmau5‘ tunes –as the progressive house producer played below. A year later, the two are back to give watchers another experience to remember, and a stream goes live at 3PM EST/12PM PST.

Watch the stream live after the break.

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