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Eric Prydz talks coming to America, artistic integrity, and upcoming NYC shows in exclusive interview

In the midst of meetings across the pond, Eric Prydz took the time out of his busy day in London to open about everything from his integrity as an artist, his migration to the United States, and his upcoming return to New York City after his infamously short performance at Beekman Beach Club. His absence from — and return to — the states has been well documented, but the summer touring buzz has simmered down since autumn struck. Thankfully (pun intended) it’s  the holiday season, and Mr. Prydz is looking to bring the magic back one more time.

The story of Eric’s relationship with America does not begin or end at his Identity Festival summer, he reminisces on his relationship with the states; “I came to the US in 2007 and 2008, and briefly in 2010, then America just changed overnight — I kept hearing from all my DJ friends that ‘it is crazy over there,’” he continued, “I finally decided I had to go see for myself what the fuss was about.” The change he witnessed is one that all of us have felt first hand, there was a distinct and sudden emergence of new fans —  “a new generation that lives and breathes electronic dance music.”

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Hopping from continent to continent, Prydz insists the location of his shows does not dictate the set he plays, saying he “always plays the music I feel like playing at that exact moment.” This has allowed us in America to get a glimpse of sets that could be played overseas, ones that he’s described as “either dark and gritty, or melodic and uplifting.” It all comes down to the moment and the mood for Eric, who claims to never program his sets before hand. “It all depends on the response I get from the crowd… I always improvise.”

When asked about the struggles of maintaining your artistic integrity when faced with the lure of big money and big business, Prydz proclaimed his intentions loud and clear – “I just make music. — The music I make, I make for myself,” he continued, “I’m the number one guy for me to please.” He is not one to force a track into a specific genre and would never create a record with the intentions of critical reception. “Sometimes 10 million people love what I do, sometimes 500 do… I have massive hits with some tracks, and some other tracks have stayed in the underground.”

When touching base on the topic of crossover collaborations, his integrity shined brighter above all. “ I wouldn’t work with someone for the sake of working with a famous artists of another genre,” Eric proclaimed, “That’s just me.” As of now, that very statement couldn’t seem more correct – that it’s just him.

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Our conversation gave me every reason to be thrilled for New York City — a city that would be getting two Pryda outings, both November 21st and November 24th. The last time that Eric came to New York City trouble with noise ordinances and police caused his show at Beekman Beach Club to be shut down after spinning only two tracks. Asserting that he is “the one most disappointed with what happened,” Eric is looking to make amends with the Big Apple, with the intentions of providing a large scale, special, and affordable show for attendees of both nights.

What many may not know, is that Eric himself has set the ticket price at an amount that would cover the cost of the massive productions, but would result in himself playing for free. When asked what prompted this decision, the legend persisted “After the last show, I wanted to make it up to them… I felt that I should be doing this show for free, so I got the ticket price down so that everyone can come see me play.” Blown away by his selfless gesture, without asking another question, he further insisted, “we are going to put on a really special show.”

Eric’s outlook on everything surrounding music is exactly what you’d like to hear from a DJ/producer — from his honest dedication to the music to his integrity and capability to please only himself. Pryda’s NYC redemption this Thanksgiving season will be a two-night event to remember, and thankfully, tickets still remain for the November 24th date.

Eric Prydz at Roseland Ballroom 11/24 — Purchase Tickets

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