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Get way deep with Anjunadeep Remixes Collection 02

Masterful deep house and progressive label Anjunadeep is at it again with the release of their Anjunadeep Remixes Collection 02 which manages to package up ten of the best reworks, reshapes, and re-edits from the scene over the last year. From start to finish this collection keeps it downtempo and groovy in the best way possible; it would work on a late night dance floor just as well as your next dinner party.

Unfortunately we do not have a full album stream for you, but we’ve linked to some of DA‘s favorites in the tracklist below and if you really love what you’re hearing, follow the links to purchase on Beatport.


1. P8 & Answer42 “Fragments” (Guy J Remix)
2. Jody Wisternoff feat. Pete Josef “How You Make Me Smile” (Vincenzo Remix)
3. P.O.S. “Gravity” (Andrew Bayer & James Grant Remix)
4. Dusky feat. Janai “It’s Not Enough” (Pezzner Dub Mix)
5. Paronator “No Gravity” (Tom Middleton Liquatech Mix)
6. Dusky “Falling” (Thomas Langner Remix)
7. Jody Wisternoff feat. Pete Josef “Just One More” (MANIK Remix)
8. Jody Wisternoff feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn “Out Of Reach” (Alfred Taylor Remix)
9. Full Tilt “Take Me Away” (Andrew Bayer & James Grant Remix)
10. Dusky “Resin” (Midland Reshape)
11. Anjunadeep Remixes Collection 02 “Bonus DJ Mix”

Purchase: Beatport

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