GTA create a high octane party track with ‘Booty Bounce’Gta Booty Bounce

GTA create a high octane party track with ‘Booty Bounce’

Unofficial winner of the “Best Damn Album Art Ever” contest, GTA‘s “Booty Bounce” has been featured in Diplo’s sets worldwide throughout the summer and has finally seen an official release, for free, via Mad Decent.

The duo, comprised of JWLZ and VanToth, are on a mission to bring back the Miami house sound after it was “murdered by the douches of South Beach.” The track itself is an unapologetic party starter framed by sirens, thunderous kick drums and a stuttering vocal from which its name was derived. Like many of the tracks released on the Mad Decent label, “Booty Bounce” is a soundly produced, high-octane effort that doesn’t take itself too seriously — and thats exactly why we love it.

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