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Matchbox Twenty – Put Your Hands Up (Swanky Tunes Remix)

In support of their fourth studio album North, Rob Thomas fronted band Matchbox Twenty is back again for another American tour. The latest single from the LP, “Put Your Hands Up,” falls into typical their pop rock style, but Swanky Tunes have restored the track with a remix to dub it dance-worthy.

The Russian trio follow up their most recent original production “Chemistry”  via their own imprint Showland, with another noteworthy remix. Known for their sprawling house productions, Swanky Tunes provides listeners a quick turn around with the remix of “Put Your Hands Up”—officially due out December 4. The trio’s rework—of the band most notably known for their 1998 release “Push”—takes out the original poppy, jam band vibes of “Put Your Hands Up” and replaces them with pulsating house-centric synths. Keeping part of the vocals intact, the Swanky Tunes boys give us a Matchbox Twenty track we can actually get down to.


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