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Otto Knows breaks his silence, talks ‘Million Voices,’ SHM alliance, new music, and more

In the large pool of talented dance music rookies, Otto Jettman – known internationally as Otto Knows – is perhaps the most promising young Swede of the crop. You’ve heard his music, but you probably haven’t heard from the man himself. In a recent interview with DMC World Magazine, Otto discusses his break through track, “Million Voices,” his Swedish Support system of Sebastian Ingrosso, Alesso, and Avicii, a new single on the way, and more on the life behind his rising success.

Looking back upon the early days of his sport, Otto admitted “the DJing came first.” “I first started to DJ when I was about 16 or 17, spending a lot of time going to all of the underground clubs in Stockholm, and caught the bug.” DJing, however, is not exactly his claim to fame. His career catalyst, one of the biggest records of the year, “Million Voices,” is what established Otto as a force to be reckoned with. When asked if he has built any resentment towards his signature tune, he proudly responded, “it’s just the opposite,” and asked for himself, “How can I not enjoy playing a record that is bringing so much happiness to people?” He continued, “the record is still the highlight of my set and I hope people aren’t getting sick of it just yet.”

Otto Knows breaks his silence, talks ‘Million Voices,’ SHM alliance, new music, and moreIngrosso Alesso Otto Knows2 E1353696914366

He then revealed a fun fact about the track’s production process that has been a secret until now — that he produced “Million Voices” in the back room of the studio whilst Sebastian Ingrosso and Alesso produced “Calling.”

“I was in one small room whilst they were putting the final touches on “Calling” in another… Seb turned to me and told me I had something big, and fetched Alesso telling him he had to come listen to what I had just done.”

After recognizing Avicii and Tiesto for early support, he was asked about his thoughts on Pete Tong referring to him as one of the most important young producers. “I’ve been listening to the Essential Selection for as long as I can remember and it was obviously a huge moment when he supported playing “Million Voices,” and an honor to be mention [along] with [Madeon, Porter Robinson, and Disclosure]”

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The list of powerhouse stars to have his back doesn’t end there, and when asked about having the protection and guidance from Swedish House Mafia, Otto appeared more than grateful. “They have been really important to me, they are like big brother really.” His Swedish support system doesn’t end there, as he went on to attribute influence from Alesso and Avicii.

“Alesso also, even thought he is younger than me I learn so much from him every day… Avicii has always supported me and Seb has just been brilliant from day one.”

With the story of “Million Voices” complete, Otto was asked about the track’s follow up. “It’s almost finished,” he responded, “the track is called “Always” and it’s much more of a club track.” Touching upon the direction of his new single, he claims to be moving away from his signature sound. “I want to show people I can make different sides of dance music and I’m really happy with it.” As far as it’s release goes, the date is still in question, however it is “not far off” – let the anticipation ensue.

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Wrapping up his interview, Otto touched upon some rookie basics. On the topic of his production flow, he responded “I prefer focusing on one track at a time, that was one piece of advice Seb gave me early on in my career.” Of course, he couldn’t avoid questions of the EDM explosion and money in music, but answered humbly, “It would be great if people could just live for now, live for the moment and not worry too much what is down the road.” A rookie campaign can be deemed complete once an artist has spent a summer in Ibiza, and Otto, who had played along side Swedish House Mafia at Ushuaia, claims, “Ibiza will always hold a special place in my heart.”

Opening up to the press, Otto Knows justified the massive support he has garnered, and the success he has seen from releases. A front running candidate for rookie of the year, Otto’s attributes of a DJ/producer go beyond the basic requirements. We are looking forward to his 2013 that should dwarf his biggest year yet.

Via: DMC World Magazine

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