Watch This: Deadmau5 gives candid interview to Billboard magazine

You can always count on the mau5-masked crusader for insightful and honest commentary. In a candid interview with the editorial director of Billboard, Deadmau5 discusses the state of EDM, DJ Sneak, his mom, Forbes’ highest-paid DJs list, and more. When asked whether he feels protective of the genre he said,

“Scenes don’t evolve. There is no electronic music scene that has just kind of done this and done all that. Otherwise…DJ Sneak would be doing really cool shit right now. [He] came in today, 2o years laters, and says, ‘Yo. Fuck all this shit. This isn’t real house music.’ Yes, we know it was a 909 and a this and an old sample, great. That was a scene and that had a scene but you can’t drag that on and superimpose that onto what’s been moved and changed. What do you go down to a fucking river and beat your clothes on a rock and you’re gonna hate on me because I use a washing machine. Scenes aren’t too important to me.”

Deadmau5 reminds us in this interview that while he may sometimes make inflammatory statements, he usually has a point.

“I have some thoughts on that.” – Deadmau5

Click past the break for part two of the interview.

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