Watch This: Nardwuar vs. Skrillex Interview

Nardwuar “The Human Serviette” has conducted some of the most well researched, humorous, and oftentimes awkward interviews in the history of the music industry. The offbeat Canadian oddball is known for putting microphones way too close to his subjects, his catchphrase (“doot-doota-loot-do…”), awkward freeze frames,¬†and the presents he gives to his interviewees.

Although Nardwuar comes off as nerdy and annoying, it’s all part of his well intentioned schtick — forcing artists out of their comfort zones and into compelling and revealing stories. His subjects aren’t always good sports or well-versed enough in the history of their own productions, but when they are the results far exceed those you might get from a by-the-book interview. Check out Nardwuar’s episode with Skrillex and explore his channel.

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