Cazzette releases Eject Part II, but you still can’t buy it

Just a month after we took a look at part I, Cazzette has launched part II of their debut album, Eject. The second installment strays away from their signature dub-house sound and finds a more upbeat tone with two out of three tracks containing vocals. Things start off with “Weapon,” which is carried by female vocals that blend with a light progressive beat to set the tone for the other tracks. “Endorphine” contains electro elements but its airy beat makes this the most uplifting track on the EP. “Surrender” is a male vocal track with an electro build, that rises and falls into a pulsating bassline, though we wish it hit a bit harder.  Since Cazzette has partnered with Spotify, you can’t purchase the tracks – only streaming is available. Overall,  Part II doesn’t leave us begging for more, it just makes us wonder why Spotify was the distribution method of choice.

Listen on Spotify (Or past the break)

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