Cedric Gervais at LAVO NYC: 5 Tracks You Need To Know

LAVO NYC is known for high profile, Thursday night affairs headlined by superstar DJs. Last weekend, however, it was Friday night that marked LAVO’s unmatched party with Cedric Gervais behind the booth. The nightclub beneath 58th street was packed with partygoers suited in their best, and while bottles began to uncork below, the line was growing long above ground. Dancing Astronaut arrived promptly at 1am, the exact moment that Cedric Gervais took the decks and just in time to witness the crowd erupt.

My last encounter with Mr. Gervais was at Pacha NYC for a late night set. While crowds from both events couldn’t be more opposite, both sets were equally as thrilling. Cedric played a relentless, dance savvy set for a classier crowd, just as he would for the more rave-inclined. Here are five tracks you need to know from his outing at LAVO NYC:

1. Kryder & Danny Howard – Sending Out an S.O.S. (Original Mix)

A perfect introduction, Cedric Gervais set to warm up the crowd with a dose of sing-a-long vocals to accompany the progression that would make its way to prominence within moments. The classic lyrics involved the crowd and left the dance floor attached when the big room drop took hold.

2. Jerry Rekonius – Turn Up The Bass (Original Mix)

Looking to up the ante, Cedric turned to “Turn Up The Bass” to shake up the club and raise the energy. Already comfortable with traditional progressive house, this drop had all in attendance ready for more and took the vibe from casual dancing to frenetic raving.

3. Tujamo & Plastik Funk – Who (Original Mix)

Deep within his arsenal, Gervais unleashed “Who” in attempt to keep feet moving with deeper thumps and infectious rhythm. “Who” did the trick, as the moment the bass kicked, people put down their drinks to jump and stomp on every inch of dance floor they could find.

4. Cedric Gervais – Cedanie (Original Mix)

Of course, Cedric brought some of his own material to the table last Friday, and if this was ‘5 tracks you already know,’ we would point out the obvious Quintino remix of “Molly.” However, this is ‘5 tracks you need to know,’ and “Cedanie” stood out as his pride production. Packed with what we love about “Molly,” “Cedanie” delivered the same thrill without all the controversy.

5. Swanky Tunes – Blood Rush (Original Mix)

Equipped with Swanky Tunes material, Gervais opted to steer away from the more popular “Here We Go” to drop “Blood Rush,” which fit the closing moments of his set properly. An underrated effort from the Russians in 2012, “Blood Rush” covers the basis of their signature electro sound without the popularity appeal, following the same direction that the DJ had steered his room in all night.

Photo Credit: Ike Love Jones

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