Deadmau5 – Analog Stuff (Preview)Deadm

Deadmau5 – Analog Stuff (Preview)

There are few artists out there who can mess around with a few synthesizers, throw the fruits of their sonic ramblings online, and garner more than 15,000 listens overnight. But when you’re Deadmau5 and you have one of the more ludicrous modular synthesizer setups of any modern electronic musician, such excursions are par for the course.

“Analog Stuff” is worth a listen for any latter-day dance music fan whose ears have been saturated with the cookie-cutter digital synth plugins that dominate today’s EDM airwaves. Not that there’s anything wrong with them, but the sheer warmth and range of sound (from shapeshifting bleeps to extraterrestrial lawnmowers) on display here are a refreshing reminder of analog’s past and future potential. Could a Kraftwerkesque analog mau5terpiece be in the cards? One can only hope.

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