Deadmau5 looking for animators to produce video for ‘Telemiscommunications’Heapmau5

Deadmau5 looking for animators to produce video for ‘Telemiscommunications’

It seems as though Deadmau5 has burned his music video budget for 2012 and is looking to  fans to create a masterpiece to his collaboration with Imogen Heap, “Telemiscommunications.” Joel and Imogen Heap – heapmau5 – are looking for twenty different artists to work together to bring their idea to life. The story they are looking to animate revolves around a businessman unable to communicate effectively with those the he loves. Frustrations continue to grow until the businessman receives a text asking “Did I tell you I loved you today xx.” It’s an interesting concept and right up deadmau5’s alley, he’s reached out to his fans for contributions numerous times in the past. The contest ends December 10th, so read the full rules and fire up your favorite animation studio because who wouldn’t want their video seen by heapmau5’s combined 7.5 million fans.

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