Dzeko & Torres give us an inside look on ‘Hey EP’DzekoTorresdimmakepart Fied

Dzeko & Torres give us an inside look on ‘Hey EP’

After having a breakthrough year, Canadian duo, Dzeko & Torres are releasing their first EP before 2012 comes to a close. After sending “Hey” to Aoki, he wanted a full EP from the duo, leading to the creation of Hey¬†which features two additional tracks. The entire EP is electro focused and although originally created a few months back, they have since been experimenting with other styles to come up with new sounds, like their latest preview of “Togi,” and are holding a few progressive vocal tracks for release next year. You can grab Hey on Beatport from Dim Mak Records and listen past the break.


Hey starts with “Hey,” which features a grinding bassline and a continuous build before dropping to a lighter synth melody. “Buppy,” which is available as a free download, contains similar hard-hitting electro but with a lighter more pulsating build. Both tracks could easily make a crowd get wild. “Check This Out” is our favorite track off the new EP and features a more experimental tone than the rest of the songs. “‘Check This Out’ has a lot of old school trance/hardstyle inspiration in it,” Dzeko said. “We tried to experiment a little more with this track, we even sampled an old rave horn sound, it’s a bit of a departure from the style/sound we’d normally produce, but we liked that it was different.”

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